Childcare Centre Plans Central Coast

Accredited Childcare Centre building designer and multi award winner for building design Louise Williams is the person. It is important that you receive the right advice, finding the right person to advise you is the most significant step you will take. Good design doesn’t necessarily cost you more money but enhances your investment. Poor design wastes your money and reduces your capital. Make the right choice and contact Louise Williams of LAW Building Design on 0418667781.
Design Brief

Design a 40 place childcare centre containing 3 playrooms catering for babies to 5 years of age.
Provide modern facilities as required by DOC’s, the Australian Standards for compliance with the Disability Legislation. The site is on a suburban block and is to be fully integrated into the residential setting. 
Privacy is to be considered for the occupants and adjoining neighbours without inhibiting the design.
The Children’s centre will have a high code of ethics ‘Colour today for a brighter tomorrow’. The requirements are to create a home away from home in a fun and stimulating environment. This is to be reflected in an energy efficient building design.
The clients dream is to build a centre that is state of the art with features to outstrip their competitors whilst retaining a friendly home style atmosphere.              

Design Solution

The challenge was to overcome conflicting Doc’s and disability legislation whilst dealing with a 10% slope of the site. Solutions included increased circulation space at doors, walk ways, ramps and wheelchair lift. Bright colours used on ramps to assist the visually impaired.
Separate entry and exit points in the large reception/lounge area provide good circulation in peak periods. A central service core divides the play rooms which includes shared toilets, nappy change, craft area and kitchen. The operable clerestory above the dining allows for cross ventilation and penetrates natural light to the core of the building.
The outdoor play area was excavated to minimise noise impact to neighbours. Rainwater is harvested and reused in toilets and irrigation.  
Strong colour tones were used throughout, providing a visual contrast against the stone exterior wall finish.